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Ten Indicators that Tell You it is Time to Move Your Site to a Dedicated Server

If you have a high traffic website with dynamic features, then switching to a dedicated server is probably the best choice for you. The major advantages are faster load time, increased security, and total control over your website.

This dedicated server is a single web server, devoted solely to the use of one organization, unlike shared servers that host a number of other users and websites. Particularly suitable for larger corporations that process and store high quantities of secure data, dedicated servers often require a higher capital investment yet have a number of key advantages:

1. Higher speed and performance levels
By switching to a dedicated server, the entire host is devoted to running one organization's software and website. With a shared server, the actions and usage of other websites can impact upon the response times of a website and can even cause a time-out, especially if one website has a promotion and experiences a sudden surge in traffic.

2. Increased capacity
Because a dedicated server is created for just one organization, capacity is only limited by the size of the server rather than the number of users present on that host. Dedicated servers provide a more reliable website which can run full-time with less server jamming. Websites can feature more complex functions and there are fewer limitations on the number of email accounts and attached databases.

3. Increased security
By sharing the server with other sites and users, there is a possibility that other customers may be able to view secure files and in some cases overwrite certain files. This can be extremely risky if a company stores and processes highly sensitive data. If any website on the host is attacked by a hacker or virus, this also makes the rest of the sites on the server vulnerable.

4. Increased site control
With complete server dedication, it is possible to have more control over data access and over what happens on that server, such as which scripts can be run and which online activities can occur.

5. Ability to customise hardware set-up
Dedicated hardware is provided for the server which can only be used by one customer. This allows the customer to have control over the hardware and make any alterations or upgrades.

6. Customised software
Many shared sites have limited features and software availability due to security and stability issues. For example, JSP support on shared servers is still rare. With a dedicated server, there is greater freedom of choice as to which programmes run, allowing a customer's individual needs to be catered for.

7. Creation of more than one domain
Companies that have multiple divisions or chains benefit greatly from a dedicated server in that they can create several domains on one server. This is more cost effective and efficient than each outlet renting space on a different host and creates a uniform sales platform with a simplified administration and support system.

8. Increased reliability
It only requires one rogue website in a shared server to cause a search engine to ban the entire server, due to the shared IP address. With a dedicated server, reliability is no longer compromised by other customers' poorly written scripts or security problems.

9. Effective large website maintenance
A dedicated server provides the ability to run a large website, which can be remotely controlled and operated, without the need to employ large numbers of staff. There is no requirement to purchase or maintain server equipment and server upgrades are more cost effective.

10. Technical support
Many dedicated server providers offer additional administrative, trouble-shooting and management support.

If your website does not have any of these qualities, then you know that it is time to move your site to a dedicated server. You've put a lot of work into your website, so you deserve to have the best service possible.


Can An Overheating Computer Cause Personal Injury?

Many malfunctioning or poorly produced products cause personal injury or other problems. Every year, thousands or even millions of such products are recalled, and many lawsuits are filed against companies that cause these damages with their faulty products.

Recently, there have been a few recalls of laptop computers that were overheating and causing fires and other personal injuries. So, if you're wondering if an overheating computer can cause personal injury, the answer is yes, it absolutely can.

Laptops more than desktop computers are prone to overheating because they have rechargeable batteries that heat up. It is normal for a recharging laptop computer to emit some heat, but sometimes these computers malfunction and get too hot. When this happens, they can cause personal injury when people touch the overheated parts and get burned, or even worse, when they overheat unattended and cause a fire.

One thing you should always do is unplug your laptop computer when you are not home to safeguard against overheating.

Recently, Sony recalled a particular laptop battery because it was overheating and causing fires and personal injuries. The battery was used in Toshiba and Dell computers and was the subject of many newspaper articles during the recall.

If you think you may have been caused injury by an overheating computer, you could possibly sue the company responsible for the problem. If the malfunctioning product cause you personal harm or set a fire that caused damage to your property, you can file a lawsuit for personal injury.

The definition of personal injury is harm that has come to you due the negligence of another individual or entity. In this instance, you would have a very strong case against the manufacturers of the defective computer batteries. The evidence of their negligence is clear -they shouldn't have manufactured batteries that set fires!

In order to best present your case, you should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Be sure your legal counsel has experience with personal injury law in your state. Be sure your lawyer has trial experience, even though it would be unlikely that a case such as this would go to trial. Even so, you would want to be confident that a company would settle out of court rather than face an experienced, competent lawyer in a trial. Recalls generate plenty of negative publicity, and a trial would be worse for the manufacturer.

That said, the best situation you could hope for is to never have to deal with a computer that will overheat and cause a fire or personal injury. There is no fool-proof way to avoid this situation, but you can best serve yourself by staying up-to-date with the current information about recalls and defective products. Educate yourself about what is available before making any major purchase, and remember that just because a product is made by a reputable company doesn't mean it will be free of defects. Large companies sub-contract a lot of their manufacturing, and are susceptible to poorly-made components. Be smart and inquisitive, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.


What do You Need to Know before Hiring a Computer Repair Specialist

Computers are great, but it can be frustrating when something goes wrong with them. When something goes wrong, that can be so frustrating because we all rely on our computers for pretty much everything we do. We rely on them for banking, shopping, and for communicating with our loved ones all over the world. But when it breaks, it is necessary to hire a computer repair specialist.

However, some issues don't always constitute a computer repair specialist. Those issues involve getting rid of viruses, spyware, or other types of malware. You can usually download a simple computer program to get rid of those issues. You don't have to pay $100 or more to a computer repair specialist to take care of the problem. The only time you should do that when it is malware-related is when you have lost files or other damage has been done to your computer.

When to hire a computer repair specialist

- Your computer gives you an error upon startup and will not let you access your operating system at all. If you are not aware of how to reformat the hard drive, then you may need a computer repair specialist to do it.

- Your computer will not turn on at all. This could signify an issue with the power supply. Unless you know how to install a new power supply, a professional needs to do it.

- If you are using all of your RAM with few processes running in the background, you may have a memory leak. You may need professional help with this as well.

- If anything happens with any of the hardware on your machine or the wireless network installation and you cannot rectify the issue on your own. Hardware can be somewhat tricky, especially if you have minimal experience with what makes the machine run.

- When the computer is under warranty, only certified technicians can take it apart and fix the problem. If you do it yourself, you may void the warranty. If it is under warranty, you can have the repair done for free.

- If you keep getting software errors and you can't make them stop, then you may need a specialist. You might try uninstalling and reinstalling the program. If that doesn't work, that is indicative of a bigger problem.

There are so many issues that may occur with computers. A good rule of thumb is to not do anything to void the warranty and only seek assistance if the computer issue is something that you cannot take care of on your own. You might be quite surprised at some of the computer issues that come about that people can very easily fix, but they still pay hundreds of dollars to have a professional do it.

So the next time you have a computer issue and you're ready to throw your monitor out the window out of frustration, take a deep breath and know that there are solutions that can get you out of your predicament. If you can't do it on your own, simply hire a computer repair specialist. It usually doesn't take them too long to repair your computer either. Sometimes it just takes about an hour to get the job done. When it is done, you can take your computer home and enjoy your usual activities. You'll find that it isn't the end of the world when something goes wrong with your computer at least not anymore.


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